EP3: Students in Uniforms Find Creative Expression Through Novel Ties

Novel Ties CEO and founder Shreyas Parab discusses how he built a profitable business by tapping into the adolescent and young-at-heart psyche: people want to express themselves through what they wear, and starting a conversation can be hard. “I wouldn’t have to start a conversation. The tie would do it for me,” says Shreyas. It’s a place to revolve the conversation around.”

We discuss:

  • The best way to find your passion
  • How he bootstrapped his company
  • How to locate an overseas manufacturer
  • His plans to convert to 100 percent Made in America
  • The marketing and business model that’s keeping young students employed
  • How to write a business plan
  • Why business is a great platform for giving back
  • Other side passion projects as Ted Talk speaker and Scripps National Speller

Shreyas is a down-to-earth, “socially-awkward,” 16-year-old who has found success through tremendous gumption and by experiencing success even in failure.


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